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Does SmartQR work with all smart phones?

Both iPhones and Android smartphones can scan QR codes directly from the main camera app, as long as it is using the latest iOS or Android software.

Is linking people to my Messenger that simple?

Yes! A person scans your SmartQR and we instantly connect them to your Messenger chat bot. This automatically delivers all of your pre-set information to their Messenger for future reference. You continue any conversation directly via Messenger, phone, email or other apps.

What information is available to me about people who scan my SmartQR?

SmartQR is linked to Facebook Messenger which hold Facebook profile information. When someone connects with you, Facebook make available certain information such as name, email, phone number. You can continue to get to know your contact through conversational marketing.

How do I build my contact list?

Present your SmartQR whenever the opportunity arises. As soon as someone connects to you with their phone they become a contact within messenger.

Do I need a Facebook business page?

That depends. We can link directly to your personal page or a business page. A business page is set up under the personal account although Facebook keeps them separate. Just ensure you put the correct page URL in the order form.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Why reinvent the wheel? Messenger is already on 1.5 Billion smart phones. People can connect to you without any 3rd party app or software. It’s simple!

Do I need Facebook Messenger on my phone?

Yes. You will need to have the Facebook Messenger App installed on your phone in order to connect to other Messenger users. This can be downloaded from the App store.

How does my SmartLink work?

When you order SmartConnect we create a unique SmartLink. This can be displayed on the web or in emails etc. When clicked the user is instantly connected to your Messenger via desktop or smart device.

How does SmartConnect work with badges and lanyards etc?

Included in your package are printable SmartQR codes in light and dark colours. Send these to your printer when creating your designs.

What details does my bot come with?

Your bot comes with all your standard contact information, links to any external websites, instant PhoneMe button and connection to Messenger.

*What happens if my details change?

Not a problem! SmartQR is dynamic meaning that we can change any details without having to change the code. There is a small charge for us to do that for you as we have to manually edit the chat bot.

Can I commission more complex bots?

Yes. We can build bots of enormous complexity. Please go to The Creative Robots.

**What is your refund policy?

If you have an issue we’ll do all that we possibly can to fix it. If we can’t, we’ll refund your order … Simple!

What happens once I order?

As soon as we receive your order it is placed in the queue to be fulfilled by one of our team. We create your bot based on the information you provide. We set up your SmartQR and test it, which is then delivered by email. We will keep you informed of progress.

Who are you and how do I get in touch?

Good question! We are The Creative Robots Digital Marketing Agency based in Nelson, New Zealand (voted the most trustworthy country in the world). We have been providing quality services since 1999. eMail us any time via the Contact Us form or visit TheCreativeRobots.com